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Step right up, art aficionados and urban art enthusiasts! The excitement is palpable as the Edmonton Mural Festival 2023 makes its dazzling debut, promising a burst of colors, creativity, and community connections. Today, we are thrilled to announce the first six extraordinary mural artists who will be leaving their indelible mark on our city's canvas.

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Famously known as HARDTHIRTEEN, Bernhard is an artist in the realm of custom culture who started his career making graffiti art in 2005. At that time, he was interested in street art using spray paint. Growing from street art, He continues to attempt and innovate by expressing his ideas in various mediums such as murals, sneakers, jackets, and luxury items.

“Pouring my ideas into any type of canvas makes me feel free and alive." - Hardthirteen


Bali, Indonesia.

Annaliza Toledo was born and raised in Edmonton. Toledo is a self-taught artist who enjoys painting elegant flowing pieces with multiple layers of vibrant colours and patterns. Taking inspiration from fashion and pop culture, she draws from exotic motifs to paint her pieces. Her colour selection is always memorable and while her style is simple in structure, it commands immediate attention.

Annaliza works with Trevor Peters and is a Co-owner of Rust Magic International the art agency behind most of Edmonton’s most iconic interior and exterior murals. They specialize in commercial street art and both work as lead artists and chief operations managers.


Trevor Peters (Curly Whitebear) is a self-taught, Jamaican-Cree Canadian fine artist and respected graffiti artist. In 1994, Curly was introduced to spray painting and immediately connected to the mystical lifestyle of leaving his mark in the dark. This connection has led him to three decades of wild graffiti exploration painting hundreds of pieces worldwide. His graffiti style is a hybrid of New York and European flavours, which he aims to apply to environments that will enhance each of his pieces; an intentional study between architecture, colour and letterform.

Trevor works with Annaliza and is a Co-owner of Rust Magic International the art agency behind most of Edmonton’s most iconic interior and exterior murals. They specialize in commercial street art and both work as lead artists and chief operations managers.

DAVID CAMISA - Vancouver, Canada.

David Camisa (He/Him) is a British-Canadian Artist, Illustrator, and Muralist who currently resides on the unceded and traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations (Vancouver, BC).

Having worked as a professional Artist for over a decade, David has showcased his work across Canada and worldwide, including exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Finding his creativity thrives most while maintaining variety in his art practice, he balances his fine art pursuits with projects as an Illustrator and Muralist. David has been selected to create murals for the Salt Spring Island Arts Council, the Vancouver Queer Arts Festival and the Vancouver Mural Festival, while also working for clients such as Wrappr, Collective Arts Brewing, and THIS Magazine. A proud member of the Queer community, his work is created with the intent to be an inclusive space for all. While surreal in nature, his work strives to create a world where anyone can imagine themselves reflected, a celebratory depiction of a diverse array of powerful and ethereal beings.

LEIGH WRIGHT - VIGNETTES - Edmonton, Canada.

Leigh Wright is a mixed media installation artist, designer, and festival producer with over 10 years of experience in the art and design industry. He is the visionary of the organization and is directly involved with the ideation, concept development, and execution of each curated project. Leigh’s extensive experience in delivering large-scale design projects, in both public and private sectors, brings a wealth of knowledge to the initiatives he works on. An industry veteran, Leigh has worked to connect the design industry for the better part of a decade and has spearheaded the creation of 6 interactive art galleries over the last 7 years.

Wright has a passion for murals and been a part of over 7 major murals in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Leigh Wright is the founder and team leader at VIGNETTES™. A full-scale art and design agency that designs for experience. Multidisciplinary by heart, they work across all aspects of the design industry to activate under-utilized spaces in the city and push design, culture, and art forward.

VINNY LE - VIGNETTES - Edmonton, Canada.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Vinny Le is a versatile artist who thrives on transforming ideas into captivating visual experiences. With a background in both graphic design and illustrations, he finds joy in merging the two disciplines to create unique and engaging artwork. Whether it's crafting a brand identity or illustrating a concept or idea, he aspires to provoke thoughts and make a positive impact through his art. His commitment to excellence and a drive for continuous growth pushes him to embrace new techniques, styles, and tools, ensuring that his work remains fresh and innovative.

By day, Vinny is the Art Director for Vignettes™. Vinny's services reach a vast range of needs for clients with his multifaceted skills in the arts. From developing original illustrations, concept renderings, digital arts and murals, he firmly believes that the best art emerges from a shared vision, and cherishes the opportunity to work closely with clients and fellow artists to achieve a collective goal.

We know you're itching to learn more about these brilliant minds and their awe-inspiring creations. Fear not! To dive deeper into the artistic journeys, inspirations, and styles of each mural artist, click here:

As anticipation builds, the Edmonton Mural Festival is gearing up to become an extraordinary celebration of creativity, culture, and connection. Each artist brings a unique vision, weaving tales of wonder and inspiration through their brushstrokes.

From whimsical dreamscapes to thought-provoking narratives, these artists will breathe life into our city's walls, transforming them into captivating masterpieces that resonate with the hearts and minds of passersby.

So, mark your calendars and get ready. Edmonton Mural Festival 2023 promises to be a feast for the senses, with each mural serving as a vibrant reflection of our city's diversity, spirit, and imagination.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we reveal the full lineup of artists and the locations of their spectacular creations. It's time to celebrate the beauty of mural art, embrace the power of creativity in Edmonton, and beautify the city of YEG.


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